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MANDY MAGIC has shows for ages 4+ which include some very magical moments as well as games with prizes. As a full time, professional magician, she has performed for many well known families as well as in locations around London and the Home Counties.

Workshops for Teens
For over tens and teens, MANDY offers magic workshops — a very different style of birthday party for those who would love to learn about performing magic. She has run workshops as part of Summer Schemes too.

Mandy  is very experienced in this kind of work. She is a past chairman of the Young Magicians Club, part of The Magic Circle Youth Initiative. For eleven years, 2005–2015, She was editor, of their glossy magazine, ‘Secrets’. Hailed as the finest youth magic magazine in the world, Mandy helped it to gain international recognition. Mandy created and ran monthly workshops at The Magic Circle for 10–18 yr olds for over eleven years.